Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Now that was a birthday.

This morning I was awakened by a large blob of slobber from Jamison's toothy grin hitting me directly between the eyes. Then Berlin quickly grabbed the covers and pulled them off the bed (it's her favorite thing to do in the morning, unfortunately.) "Happy Birthday, Daddy!" she yelled.

I went downstairs to discover Hailey had prepared my favorite breakfast in the whole world. Coffee cake. Definitely a great way to start a birthday.

Then it was off to work.

Thanks to Facebook, everyone knew it was my special day. My inbox filled with well wishes and funny cards.

But it didn't stop there. Suddenly the mail guy stopped by and delivered a Build-A-Bear! That's right, my friend Kristi had a Build-A-Bear delivered from Miami. Its name is Clint. And it was quickly taken over by a very over protective foster parent.

Some buddies took me out to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (my fave here in Colorado). When I returned someone had lovingly placed a pack of cupcakes on my desk. I decided the diet didn't apply on my birthday and dug in.

When I got home, Hailey, Berlin, Jamison and I had a pizza party. Domino's of course. 444 Deal. Three or more pizzas for just four bucks each!

Berlin gave me her gift. A keychain.

Hailey found a cupcake store in Boulder and bought the tastiest cupcakes. Again, diet rules don't apply on birthdays.

And then, perhaps, the crowning moment of the incredible day. The moment that all other moments merely built up to. Hailey's gift. Are you ready?

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

A gift certificate for a back waxing.



Blogger AzĂșcar said...

I wish I had the balls to give that to my husband.

Slow clap, Hailey, slow clap on that one.

10:01 PM

Blogger Hailey Happens said...

No woman likes a hairy back. Someone challenge me on this one?

6:22 AM

Blogger : STEVE : said...

But that's the thing. My back isn't hairy (yet).

8:08 AM

Blogger Jenni said...

Oh, she shouldn't have. I'm not sure Hailey and I are looking at the same guy. I see you. You look skinny. Why are you on a diet? And I'm sure you don't have a hairy back. (I hope!)
I just think it's Hailey's OCD. OH Hailers, you gotta love ya!

6:06 PM

Blogger +spencer+ said...

steve, just be thankful it isn't for a sack, back and crack wax.

9:19 PM

Blogger more caffeine, please said...

That is why we love Hailey. Subtle, yet not. And has anyone told you your kids are pretty dang cute?

10:40 AM

Blogger wendysue said...

Kelly Clarkson!!

10:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm just sad that I don't get to wax you steve! I have some new special wax....too bad

10:43 PM


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