Thursday, September 29, 2005

I've received a few e-mails regarding yesterday's "Ghetto Trailer" story, so I thought I would continue said story this morning. After a rather lengthy conversation with the irate trailer woman, she finally agreed to my solution of swapping out "Ghetto" for one of the other words used in the campaign. In all her rage, she said, "Sure fine. Whatever, just get this one down today!" I bit my tongue and told her I would do everything I could. And by that, I clearly meant that I would hang up the phone, go get some lunch, take a nice stroll through the park, do some work, play Call of Duty online for a few hours, read War and Peace, and then make a call to the billbaord company. The result?

I almost feel sorry for the woman now.

While on the subject of this billboard campaign, I received a call yesterday that left me simply amazed. The phone rings and the following convo takes place:

ME: Hi, this is Steve.

LADY: Hi, I'm wondering how much it would cost to put a bunch of billboards up that say nice, positive words.

ME: Well, I guess that depends...

LADY: Would you guys be cheaper than Reagan?

ME: We're not a billboard company. In fact, we're the advertising agency that did the campaign that I believe you're trying to counteract.


ME: Yeah. But I can tell you that it'll cost you upwards of $200,000.

LADY: So you are responsible for those billboards?

ME: Yes, and trust me, it would be a big mistake to put up the boards you intend to. Just be patient and you'll see this whole thing has a great (and positive) ending.

LADY: Oh great. You see, I run an organization called Mothers for PR, that's Positive Reinforcement. We're just so concerned about these negative billboards. I mean, what if someone was really suicidal and was driving around and saw a billboard that says, "Loser?" He'd probably pull over and shoot himself.

ME: Umm, okay.

LADY: Also, I own a dog washing business called, Dirty Johnson.

ME: *Coughs*

LADY: It's kind of a sex joke, too. *Giggles*

ME: *Awkward silence*

LADY: Anyway, it's not doing too well and there is one of your billboards right over it that says, "Failure."

ME: Excuse me, did you say Dirty Johnson?

Of course, I had to investigate and sure enough, there it was. Gee, you named your business, Dirty Johnson and you wonder why it's failing?


Blogger Tracy said...

"Dirty Johnson" made me laugh out loud and choke on my Rolo.
Rolos are always such a let down anyway. Too chewy.

2:33 PM


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