Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas came and went. A glorious time was had by all, especially Berlin. While I'm quite certain she didn't really understand the nature of the holiday, the idea of copious amounts of candy and brand new toys clicked in her mind rather quickly. Additionally, she proved to be a natural at unwrapping gifts. So much, in fact, she didn't even pay mind to what was in said presents, but would quickly move to another wrapped gift, regardless of who it was addressed to.

Naturally, all this excitement and physical energy tuckered the lil' tyke right out.


Blogger ~j. said...

That's sweet. Did you have to wake her up to give her the Red Rider BB gun?

1:44 PM

Blogger Kissesforyou said...

Thats freakin cute!....I see you got some of that Orange crush you seem to worship as well.

8:07 PM


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