Thursday, June 22, 2006

Allow me, if you will, to propose a rule.

We've all been there. Right in the middle of a very important phone call. Something like a merger or an acquisition. A debut verbal exchange with the woman/man of your dreams. Perhaps even a dramatic heart-to-heart with a friend that time forgot. The phone call is going absolutely swimmingly, then all of a sudden and without warning, it goes silent.


Now, the dropped call isn't the problem. It's the confusion that immediately follows the droppage. But fear ye nay, for I have a plan to combat said confusion much like unto a punch to the throat. Now let's take a look.

Once both parties realize the phone call has been dropped, one of two things will happen.

1. Both parties will try to call the other back, thus resulting in the call-waiting-tango.

2. Both parties will wait for the other to call, finally realizing the other isn't going to call, thus resulting in a delayed call-waiting-tango.

So which of these scenarios are we to replicate? Neither. I would like to propose the following as standard cell phone etiquette:

In the event of a dropped cell phone call, the call back is the responsibility of the original caller.

So in other words, if you call someone and said call gets dropped, it is your responsibility to institute the re-call. It is my belief that if this simple rule can become commonplace in the world of cellular phoning, a combined millions of hours of confusion would be avoided.

So please, help me help the world. Help me help you.


Blogger FilmGirl said...

Brilliant. I will help spread the word of the re-call. It can be like "pay it forward".

10:19 PM

Blogger carblemarble said...

Definately taking action on this one!

6:57 AM

Anonymous rocco sefredi said...


9:04 AM

Blogger wendysue said...

Thank you O-Steve-O. This reminds me of my sister who even if the conversation is pretty much done when said "drop" happens. She calls back just for closure.

1:36 PM

Blogger AzĂșcar said...

Oh, sure, next you'll have us all peeling the labels off of juice bottles.

11:32 PM

Blogger Steve said...

I've never had a dropped call before. What service provider are you on?

4:51 AM

Blogger :: STEVE :: said...

Cingular. They spell it with a C, because that's clever.

11:05 AM


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