Friday, January 19, 2007

Speaking of running.

Here is a spot I recently finished for the Salt Lake Running Company. Please note the fabulous cameos by our very own Jaimerly James and Spennywhistle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahem... I have yet to receive my royalty check for that awesome scene I did while newly pregnant and sick.

Making toast and running in place at three months is about the same as speaking in church at 9 months.

Let me know if you need my address...

6:52 PM

Blogger :: STEVE :: said...

You didn't get the check? (or cheque if you're nasty). It must have gotten lost in your move to Idaho. Sorry. But fyi, everyone thought your performance in this spot was nothing short of exemplary.

6:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:38 AM

Anonymous jenn said...

one more - ahem?

6:16 PM


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