Sunday, February 11, 2007

And now for some pillow talk.

Mrs. Happens and myself are sitting here watching the Grammy's. The following conversation just took place.

HAILEY: "Justin Timberlake is the only guy who can get away with wearing white shoes and a suit."

ME: "I can."

HAILEY: "No, you can't."

ME: "What group was Justin in anyway?"

HAILEY: "N'sync."

ME: "Is he the only one from that group that continued?"

HAILEY: "Well, Lance Bass turned gay."

*About three minutes of silence.

HAILEY: "I think Justin Timberlake is hot."

ME: *Cough*

HAILEY: "And Obama."

UPDATE: 10:19pm

HAILEY: "I think I could turn lesbian for Beyonce."

ME: "I've been told I look like Justin Timberlake."

HAILEY: "Ask all the women at your work tomorrow about Obama and you'll find out that I'm not alone."

ME: "I've been told I look like Justin Timberlake."

HAILEY: "Will you turn the lights off when you're done with the computer?"


Blogger more caffeine, please said...

Weren't you wearing sneaks and suit when you met the Mrs. at church? I'd say that's a coux in your fave...

And Obama? Seriously?

1:20 PM

Blogger : STEVE : said...

Yes. Seriously.

5:25 PM

Anonymous jenn said...

um, can't back her up on that one. either one of those actually. really? obama?

8:26 PM

Blogger carblemarble said...

I can. Obama, definately.

6:13 AM

Blogger Cardine said...

Now THAT is some pillow talk.

4:30 PM


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