Thursday, May 22, 2008

The plot thickens.

So, after much discourse, I finally agreed with Hailey to go have my finger checked out by a doctor. As usual, she was right. They discovered that the bone was fractured.

Alright, no biggie right? Here is my co-pay, I'll take that ice pack and be on my way. No such luck. I was quickly fashioned with an ever-so subtle brace thing I like to call BLUE SHAME. In fact, the only place I may be able to wear this thing with my dignity still intact is at a sporting event where people just might mistake it for one of those big foam #1 hands.

"Hey everybody, we're number one! Go, fight, win!"


Blogger more caffeine, please said...

You totally look like a gay BYU fan. It's a shame.

6:18 PM

Blogger : STEVE : said...

Gay BYU fan. Isn't that redundant?

8:27 AM

Anonymous df said...

of all the fingers to break...leave it to you to break your pinky...

8:19 PM

Blogger robothate said...

argh... looks awesome!

1:22 AM


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