Saturday, January 03, 2009

Cleaning it up.

This week, Hailey charged me with the task of cleaning out and organizing the garage. For years, we've both had boxes upon boxes of random memories take up valuable real estate. And while Hailey definitely takes the crown for Pack Rat of the Century, I also had some cleaning out to do. In one of the many boxes, I came upon a photo repair project I did in a photoshop class over eight years ago.

Now, the question here isn't whether or not my repair job was any good. It's where in the heck did I get such a random photo? Of all the possible photos to use, I chose this one? Well, this classic visual ditty is of Hailey amidst her teenage wonder years teaching some homely onlooker the basics of cheerleading. "Ready? Okay. The first thing you're gonna want to do is pull your sweat shorts up four inches higher than normal. Go! Fight! Wedgie!"


Blogger More Caffiene, Please said...

Og Og Og...Den Den Den!

10:33 PM

Blogger kidding... right? said...

I'm dying laughing... you just called my best friend Tiff a homely onlooker. ( Just for the record...I'm pretty sure Tiff was the one teaching Hailey!) And Jamie's Ogden comment. It's all too much. I can't stop laughing!

3:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Homely?? Really....homely? Okay, so my hand positioning may be less than desirable, but I was really focused on making sure Hailey had her "angles" right! At any rate, I was the one doing the teaching. Which I consider an act of service to your beloved!! Who knows maybe high waisted shorts will be the "in" thing again someday!! Thanks for the laugh!


4:22 PM

Blogger : STEVE : said...

So my facts are a little messed up. But everyone is overlooking the real issue here.


6:39 PM

Blogger Hailey Happens said...

I have been dying as well. No, Tiff, you aren't homely, what is the real problem is my hair. And, Steve always exaggerates to prove a point, so don't take offense!

8:26 PM

Blogger K19 said...

She does have a great pair of legs!!! How bout those legs? And great job, Steve!!!!

8:42 AM


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