Friday, October 28, 2005

Tonight, Berlin learned how to do summersaults.

Hailey and I laughed hysterically as Berlin rolled head over toe all throughout the living room, giggling uncontrollably. "Oh what fun," we thought. "Surely life doesn't get better than this!" We smiled at one another. Our teeth and eyes twinkled, reflecting the warm glow of the seasonal scented candle which illuminated the room with elation and glee. Outside, a gaggle of geese took flight southward while a young boy scout troop helped an elderly man rake his yard. Nearby, eager holiday carolers prematurely, yet welcomely, sang tidings of joy to kith and kin alike. Squirrels danced in unison across a power line, with nary a worry of electrocution. Due to a drastic change of heart, the town's wealthiest man accompanied a small orphan on a tandem bicycle through the neighborhood, handing out large bundles of money and imported fruit to passers by. The heavens parted and then...

Berlin puked on my chest.


Anonymous elizabeth said...

i was waiting for the punch line.

5:59 AM

Anonymous e said...

and i got it. hahaha

5:59 AM

Blogger wendysue said...

classic. Love parenting don't ya?

8:07 AM

Blogger c jane said...

One thing that I SURE DO HATE about this blogging world is that I don't have any cute kids stories to blog about (aka such as yours).
I could blog about my dogs. SUch as:
Duchy escaped three times this morning, my neighbor put her back everytime, she makes my husband say bad words. We hate her.
Oh sorry Steve, this is YOUR blog not mine. Stay tuned....

7:16 PM

Blogger ~j. said...

'Atta girl.

10:53 AM


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