Friday, October 14, 2005

Jr. High is an interesting stage in life.

It's a time of change; a time of confusion. It's a time of realized imperfections. It's a time of braces, pimples and cracking voices. It's a time of premature mustaches, (which you actually think are cool, despite the obvious lack of fullness, not to mention the fact it's a mustache). It's a time of puberty films that, while well-intended, usually do more harm than good on a young, confused mind. It's a time of weird hair in even weirder places.

I was reminded of this tender age this week while producing a radio spot for one of my clients. The spot involved the voice talent of several young teenagers. While directing their reads, I was reminded of just how awkward this stage in life is.

ME: Okay, so for this line I need you to pretend you are a bully, picking on some kid. Say, "What are you, some kind of loser?"

KID: Okay.


ME: *Ahem*

KID: Oh, you want me to say it now?

ME: Please.


Bless his black and blue heart. And his braces.


Blogger more caffeine, please said...

That is the best. Your blog reminds me of those glasses Hailers used to wear that she'd had since Jr. High. You know, the purple frames that were crooked? They were so cute and I was sad when she broke down and got new ones.

11:31 AM


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