Friday, June 29, 2007

To my angel, Berlin.

I know you can't read this. But I was just sitting here by myself thinking about you. As you know, today is your birthday. After much anticipation, three years ago, you came into my life.

It was the first time I had ever cried tears of joy. Little did I know, it would become a regular occurrence thanks to you. In fact, I can't seem to fight the tears right now as I write this. And I guess it's a good thing you can't read, because I can't even begin to think of the words to describe how much I love you. Suffice it to say, you have been my greatest accomplishment in life.

Somehow just the thought of you makes all my troubles fade and I know there's nothing in this world I can't overcome as long as I have you. It's funny, sometimes when I'm at work, I'll pull your picture up on my computer and just stare at it, sometimes for over an hour. I look into those big, beautiful, brilliantly innocent eyes and see the confirmation of Heaven.

I just wanted you to know that the last three years have been the most meaningful years I have ever known. You've changed me like I cannot describe. I'll forever be thankful for that. You are my pride. You are my joy. You are my littles and my teenies. You are my littlest Linnies Lous. Happy Birthday, princess. Happy Birthday.

PS: I got you a Beach for your Birthday present. The rest of the world calls it a Powerwheels Jeep, but, for some reason, you call it a Beach. So, as far as I'm concerned, the rest of the world is wrong. Beach it is.


Blogger ~j. said...

To Berlin: Happy Birthday! Three years old is where it's at.

To Hailey & Steve: Life with little girls only gets sweeter. Congratulations, and enjoy.

5:12 PM

Blogger {lizzythebotanist} said...

you are one sappy sap lately! makin me cry and......that last pic of her is soooooo dang cute-she's so grown up. happy birthday berlin!

8:26 PM

Blogger J said...

she is a beauty and a sweetie!

Hey, I don't know what gives, but EVERY DAY lately we get mail for you guys. today it is the vehicle registration. I have no current address to forward things to, so i've been returning to sender for the past couple weeks.

could you put in a new change of address from your EMC house to your new address? you can do it online at

just hope you don't miss anything important!


12:59 PM


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