Monday, February 04, 2008

Yes, it's true. My blog blows.

It's becoming more and more difficult to keep my blog updated it seems. So, as I sit in an airport waiting to board a flight, allow me to catch you all up on the happenings o' Steve.

Yesterday I was in Los Angeles.

Today I'm in Colorado.

Tonight I'll be in Detroit.

Tomorrow I'll be back in Los Angeles.

There, now we're current.

UPDATE: Thanks to unfortunate weather, you can throw a night in Chicago up in there between Colorado and Detroit.


Blogger more caffeine, please said...

The least you could do is COMMENT on our blogs since those are usually funny like your blog.

And Hailey thinks she has it bad!

1:20 PM

Blogger Hailey Happens said...

I agree

4:15 PM

Blogger +spencer+ said...

take comfort in knowing it's still better than mine.

10:12 AM

Blogger oh snap said...

There there, lil Steve. T'aint so bad. Check out this blog:

8:35 AM


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