Monday, July 17, 2006

My bout with potential obsessive-compulsive disorder continues.

The other day I came face to face with what could possibly be another nail in the coffin of my sanity. I was reading books to my daughter when it dawned on me that I couldn't maintain a desired level of emotional stability if the hardback book I was reading to her had a paper cover sleeve on it. In fact, I couldn't stand it. I jumped up and began removing the cover sleeves from all the books on her shelf. The disposal of which provided a calming sensation that enabled me to finish putting my daughter to bed.

Irregular behavior or perfectly acceptable disdain for the unnecessary?


Blogger AzĂșcar said...


(Were we separated at birth?)

8:45 PM

Blogger :: STEVE :: said...

Seriously though. What is the need for the cover anyway? The exact same artwork is on the actual hardcover. So why fumble with a cover?

9:31 PM

Blogger Steve said...

Well originally hardcovers didn't have artwork on the book themselves simply because no technology existed, so there had to be some sort of cover for the cover. But now it's just for protection, so that instead of accidentally scratching the actual book, you just scratch a thin piece of semi-matte.

4:53 AM

Blogger ~JR~ said...

I feed them to my baby. Or rather, he feeds them to himself...
The same can be said of th=at paper case they put DVDs in, you know, with the same artwork on it? I mean, can we BE any more redundant?

10:58 AM


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