Sunday, March 25, 2007

A dudes-only weekend.

Last Thursday, I drove Hailey and Berlin to the airport, where they flew off to Arizona to spend a few days with the cousins. As I began my drive home, it hit me. "Holy crap. There's still a kid in the car. A small kid. A kid who hasn't been completely weaned yet." I glanced at the backseat through my rearview mirror. Sure enough, there he was. Apparently he found my horrified expression amusing as he let out a giggle and hucked some kid's meal toy into the hatchback. My mind panicked.

By the time I arrived home my mind had finally accepted the harsh reality that had been placed before it. I decided that I had no choice but to be a sport and make the most of it. James and I were going to have a "Dudes Only Weekend." What were we going to do? You know, stuff that dudes do. Stuff like tile the bathroom, paint crown moulding, grill some red meat, cruise for chicks and maybe catch a monster truck jam at the Energy Solutions Arena. You know, stuff girls like Hailey and Berlin just wouldn't understand.

Of course, what happens on a dudes only weekend stays on the dudes only weekend, so I can't go into details regarding what exactly transpired. But suffice it to say, we totally turned the town upside down. It got so out of hand at times I was sure the authorities were going to get involved. It was a whirlwind of chaos, adrenaline, volume and Similac. But now, on the concluding eve of the occasion, I can't help but shed a small tear and I eagerly await the next time my lil' guy and I get to rock and roll, dudes-only style.


Blogger lizzythebotanist said...

hells bells, he's all grown up! how old is he now?

8:37 AM

Blogger more caffeine, please said...

He is the sweetest little peanut ever. FINALLY I get an updated pic.

And good for you and the Dude's weekend. Heaven's knows we all know what happens when Hailey has a girls' weekend...

9:19 AM

Blogger : STEVE : said...

he's 8 months. but nobody carded him at the seven eleven.

9:32 AM

Anonymous Raimers said...

What a precious little boy! Congrats on the move from us in Texas!!! I am soooo jealous! Long time no see!!!!

6:55 AM


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