Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's an overly proud father moment once again, folks.

This monthly installment of Overly Proud Father is brought to you by Shrek 7. In theaters now.

Hello, and welcome to Overly Proud Father. I'm your host, Steve. Not only am I the host of Overly Proud Father, but I'm also a father. Today, we're going to take a look at some kids being incredibly remarkable and/or incredible. Before we get started please take note that these children are extremely gifted and probably the best in the world, so please, do not let you children attempt this at home.

We'll start with Jamison. The toddler heartthrob sensation has been sweeping the nation via his carseat. Here he is now getting ready for a cross-state jaunt to grandpa Keith's. "Yeah, that's right. This car seat is facing forward. That's just how I roll."

And then there's Berlin. At the ripe age of three, Berlin has set her sight on being the youngest climber to ascend the Lady's Slipper in South Africa. Here is a recent training session.

Truth be told, we were at the recreation center and Berlin saw the climbing wall and wanted to give it a try. Before we knew it, she was ringing the bell at the top. Fearless. In fact, a little too fearless for daddy's comfort.

Well, that's all the time we have for this edition of Overly Proud Father. Tune in next time as we talk more about my kids who are possibly the most incredible kids in the world.


Blogger AzĂșcar said...

My three year old would never, ever do that. Berlin could kick his trash.

12:39 AM

Blogger more caffeine, please said...

So basically, Berlin is 99% Keith.


Before you know it she'll be comin' around the Silverton mountain with a Jeep full of unsuspecing tourists.

8:42 PM

Blogger Hailey Happens said...

Berlin climbed up in about 2 minutes and rang the bell at the top. Oh did she ever RING THE BELL!!! Exactly what I have been saying, 99% Keith. He was soo proud!

12:07 PM

Blogger K19 said...

Looks like we have a mini-fearless- Hailey in the making!!! And what a dashing young man that Jamison is - he is gorgeous!!!!!

8:19 AM


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