Thursday, December 27, 2007

Can someone please answer this question?

What is the deal with all the excessive measures taken to secure a toy in its package? I understand the need to keep things from shifting around during shipping and whatnot. But at what point does it become necessary to secure a measly Tonka truck in its package with twelve frickin' wire ties and three screws. Seriously, screws? In order to remove the $5.99 Tonka truck from its package I had to pull out the toolbox. Twenty minutes later, James had lost all interest in even playing with the truck and had moved on to something else.

Thank you toy manufacturers of the world. And what's next? How are you going to secure toys in their package once you figure multiple wire ties and screws just aren't enough? What then? Might I suggest eye scanning technology? Perhaps voice recognition. I hear that's pretty secure. "Hello, my name is Steve. My voice is my passport. Please release my Tonka."


Blogger Hannemann Family said...

SERIOUSLY! It makes you really want to rip out a few swear words - just perfect to ruin the kodak moment.

5:48 PM

Blogger more caffeine, please said...

CJ loves all the packaging shiz at our house because it creates more TRASH.

10:23 PM

Anonymous Porty said...

The only thing worse than the numerous twist ties, screws, vice grips, and bailing wire they use is the damn plastic used to encase these things. Can I just tell you how cut and shorn my hands are after a birthday or Christmas fiesta? It's ridiculously unpliable material that has the sharpness of a thousand razor blades. I think Beelzebub has taken over the package design industry and is having one heck of a laugh at our Christmas-giving expense.

11:45 AM


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