Friday, October 31, 2008

I voted.

About a week ago I saw a story on the news saying that over 11,000 mail-in ballots had been lost. Since I had requested a mail-in ballot and hadn't received it yet, I assumed mine was one of the lucky 11,000. Hailey had received hers, so clearly something was amiss, right?

Well, today is the last day of early voting here in Colorado. I still hadn't received my mail-in ballot and began to grow concerned thinking I'd have to fight the huge lines on election day next week. So I decided to head on down to my early voting location and tell them my story.

When I arrived, the line was already out the door. Easily an hour wait or more. I walked up to one of many very, very, very elderly people running the polling station and told him my dilemma. His hearing aid was wigging out, releasing a high pitch tone. I'm not sure he understood my problem, but he lead me past the giant line and into the voting area where he pointed to another very, very, very elderly woman sitting at a table.

I told her my story. She pointed to another very, very, very elderly woman sitting at a table that said STATION 3 above it. So off I went. Finally, this woman asked for my ID and began printing something off for me.

Suddenly, I had a ballot in my hands and was directed to the nearest booth to cast my vote.

But wait, what happened? I thought I was just trying to get some answers about my mail-in ballot. Instead, they just had me vote.


Total voting time: 12 minutes.


Blogger Ellie's Mama said...

Good for you Steve! If you voted for the right people, that is.

12:55 PM

Blogger Grandma Reenie said...

That's what living right will do for you!!

3:36 PM

Blogger kidding... right? said...

JD and I voted today too. The only difference is that we had to wait in the hour long line with all three kids. I thought we'd walk right up to the booth since it was Halloween! To bad it didn't work out like that.

6:32 PM

Anonymous m and m said...

We voted early too. We thought it would be difficult to get registered in Chicago because we had Idaho driver's licenses and our car registered in Colorado. We just showed them a bill for our rent that had been paid and they gave us each ten ballots with Obama's name on other names......and told us to vote........Is this a great county, or what!!!!!!!!!

5:33 AM

Anonymous Jamie said...

nicely done. but quite frankly, i think you deserve a break. =)

6:14 PM

Blogger wendysue said...

Sweet! It's like a FastPass at Disneyland!

11:13 AM


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