Monday, May 01, 2006

And now, another blog installment on the subject of my infamous father-in-law, Keith.

The following is an actual phone conversation that happened between my wife and her father. The names were changed to protect the innocent and then changed back to avoid unnecessary confusion.

HAILEY: Hey dad, we're going to come visit you on the the 29th. Will you be very busy?

KEITH: You'll be here on the 29th?


KEITH: Guess I'll get married on that day then.

HAILEY: Married?

KEITH: *muffled hand covering up the phone* Excuse me folks, could I interest you in a river trip? Perhaps a jeep tour?


KEITH: *click*


Anonymous JC said...

The Man has priorities. That's for dang sure.

9:44 PM

Anonymous gb said...

Wow... at least he catered to your schedule for a "guess I'll get married" bit... my old man decided that he had to get married on New Years Eve, and it had to be in Las Vegas. Yeah, that was a bit insane.

10:49 AM


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