Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You've heard the expression, "southern hospitality" right?

Today, I experienced it. So check this. Earlier this morning, while trying to hail a cab in Atlanta, a lady pulled her car to the side of the road and the following conversation ensued:

NICE LADY: Hey, are you trying to get a cab?

ME: Yes.

NICE LADY: Where are you going?

ME: 3060 Peachtree.

NICE LADY: Well hop in!

ME: What?

NICE LADY: Hop in, I'll take you there.

ME: Really?

NICE LADY: Yeah, let's go.

ME: Okay.

Slightly confused, I got in her car and she drove me to my destination. I asked if I could pay for the gas or anything and she quickly declined. She did let me take her picture, however.


Anonymous Otis said...

What if she was a serial rapist Steve? How are you going to explain that one to your wife eh?

10:47 PM

Blogger carblemarble said...

Welcome to the South.

6:08 AM


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