Friday, September 12, 2008

Hudson River School | Rise & Fall

This record took way too long to finish, but we're proud to report that it's finally done. We're pretty proud of this little number and we hope you enjoy it. There are only a limited number of hard copies, but the digital downloads will keep on going 'til the break of dawn.

You can buy digitally HERE. I can hook you up with a hard copy for ten bones if you so desire.

All this sales talk reminds me of when the band released its first record about seven years ago. We played a CD release show in what used to be a movie theater in Trolly Square (Salt Lake City). Some opening band brought a fog machine and they wore leather pants. But nevermind that. Hailey and her friend, Jill, were in charge of selling the CDs out in the hall. As the show ended I remember walking back to the end of the theater and noticing that almost everyone was carrying multiple copies of our record. Obviously this was odd. Why would you need more than one? They're the exact same thing. Weird.

As I walked out into the hall, I noticed a large crowd gathered around waiting to purchase the record. And there was Hailey, in true salesman form. "Hey, these make great gifts. You better buy two." What the? Was she crazy? But even crazier, it was working. People were buying multiple copies from her.

It was in that very moment, right there in the hallway of an abandoned movie theater, that I knew I had picked the right one.

So if Hailey were making this post right now, she'd surely suggest you buy two copies of this new record. They make great gifts and, well, Christmas is just around the corner.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,
I guess Hailey is just like her dad. . . always the salesman!! On this, Hailey's birthday, I must say that I am so happy that Hailey has such a great and supportive husband. Thanks Steve for all you do!
Corinne (Grandma Reenie)

10:57 AM

Blogger More Caffiene, Please said...

Did you grow pecs for that photo shoot?

10:59 AM

Blogger : STEVE : said...

The new Steve goes to the gym.

11:18 AM

Blogger Hailey Happens said...


1:05 PM


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