Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Airbrush murals just don't get the respect they deserve anymore. Especially in the category of vehicle application. It's sad really.

On my way back from breakfast this morning, I spied this little gem.

Instantly, I was intrigued. I found myself in a state of concentrated gaze, much like one would experience whilst interacting with one of those nifty computer-generated 3D picture things that were all the rage circa the hypercolor T-shirt era. I couldn't help but believe the owner of said truck was attempting to tell a story, perhaps even a novella, with this beautiful depiction of his vehicle being the mystic portal between Chitzen Itza and Delicate Arch. What a fantastic quasi-reality. The mural itself stood as a shrine to the very vehicle to which it was applied. I basked in its glory. I considered the heavens. I felt small. What, in my possession, could command such a journey? What could boast such historical significance? Void of an appropriate answer, I hung my head. I said farewell to the lord of lowriders and continued back to my office. Now, even as I post this blog, I can't help but realize my insignificance. I can't help but long for something more. And so my journey begins...


Blogger This is me said...

You should have grown up on the Texas/Mexican border like I did. It's actually abnormal for your car to NOT have an airbrushed mural. I think desert scenes and the driver's last name were the most popular. Or half-naked women. Also seen quite frequently on the back window, which is even classier if you ask me. This, however, is one of the best ones I've ever seen. You were right to feel humbled.

8:35 AM

Blogger Steve said...

I can't believe Utah licence plates have an exclamation mark after the name of the state...awesome.

10:34 AM


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