Thursday, September 14, 2006

What in the world is Bunko?

Tonight, my wife is hosting a neighborhood Bunko game. She's scared. I'm scared. Can anyone tell me just what in the world this phenomenon is exactly?

UPDATE: 7:28pm - Apparently it involves a bunch of ladies sitting around tables rolling dice and then writing something down on small pieces of paper.

UPDATE: 8:30pm - We've reached the husband talk stage. My husband this and my husband that. Can you believe he would do that? I wanted to strangle him.

UPDATE: 9:03pm - I'm sitting in the other room, and I kid ye nay, I just heard a woman say, "I asked for an enema. I really didn't want to have an unexpected bowel movement." The other women quickly offered comfort. "Oh, I know" and "Yeah, yeah."

UPDATE: 9:30pm - Still rolling dice. Still dissing husbands. Still writing secret scribblings down on paper. Still not wanting unexpected bowel movements.

UPDATE: 9:45pm - I'm going to call it a night. The sooner I fall asleep, the sooner I wake up and discover the house is mine again. I sure hope I don't find an unexpected bowel movement. "OH BUNKO!"

BONUS UPDATE: 9:47pm - I was about to walk up the stairs and I heard the following, "If the Blue Boutique sees me coming, they lock the doors!" Awkward laugher immediately followed. (For those of you who aren't from SLC, the Blue Boutique is an adult novelty store.)


Blogger ~j. said...

I'm not completely sure, but the way I've heard people talk about it, it's certainly some sort of secret combination. And you can buy t-shirts bragging that you play maybe it's not so secret.

6:23 PM

Blogger Cardine said...

A game with dice. Strange that she's hosting it and doesn't know what it is!

6:44 PM

Anonymous Julia said...

Rolling dice. Eating. Talking. Rolling Dice. Eating. Talking.
Rolling dice. Eating. Talking. Rolling Dice. Eating. Talking.

I'm sure she'll do just fine!
But they call it "Bonko" in Vermont!

8:11 PM

Blogger AzĂșcar said...

You should get one of those home enema kits. Everyone wins.

8:17 PM

Anonymous Lucretia said...

I'm not sure if this is ok. Bunko was banned by our stake presidency. So it must be bad. Like watching tv on Sundays and drinking Coke.

8:46 AM

Blogger :: STEVE :: said...

I have to admit, the house felt very dirty once all the guests left.

9:06 AM


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