Saturday, October 27, 2007

So I (me, their BFF Jamie) was invited to guest blog while the Babs are on vacation. Here's my vote on what they're doing right now.

Hailey: She's suffering her usual ADD and not allowing any time to just lay out and do nothing. Like you're supposed to do on a cruise. She was sorely disappointed to find out the cruise ship doesn't come with a 65-mile bike trail to ride with her 65 year-old riding companion (I'll let her blog about that one later). Secretly she's gulping down "virgin" margaritas while coaxing Steve to have just one. Or five. Okay, maybe she's just dreaming about gulping down said margaritas. But still. So far she's played BINGO, shuffleboard, gambled, miniature golfed, danced in the disco, done aerobics, lifted weights, shopped in four gift shops, flipped through 7 magazines (who has the patience to read those?) and made 57 friends. And that's just because it's day #1.

Steve: He's trying to pretend he's relaxing with his iPod and Tevas but really he's drumming up Dominos jingles and acting out VW commercials in his head. On breaks he's scouting talent for said jingles and commercials in the buffet lines and on the karaoke stage. Not much luck so far. If only they'd won those darn "Head On" migraine commercials! At Hailey's request he's gotten a wax but the sheer pain of the first rip was so unbearable he politely declined the rest of the session and is sporting a sweet diagonal hairless void across his back. (But it's okay because people just think he wears his manly messenger bag so much that it's worn the hair right off. Boy he's a hard [shirtless] worker). He's thinking about the "formal" dinner tonight because he has always wondered about those people, you know, the ones who really bust out the formal wear (most of it a decade out of style) and pay $85 for a corsage made out of peach carnations. At least they're serving lobster, am I right folks?

Neither of these two will allow themselves one morning of sleeping in because Hailey's up and at 'em regardless of her locale (it's a Keith thing) and Steve has jingles to write, remember? And that is my vote on what the Babs are up to. Yours?


Blogger AzĂșcar said...

My guess is that Hailey (whom I do not know) has talked Steve (whom I also do not know) into playing the cruise's version of the Newlywed Game that pits couples of all marriage lengths against each other. The Babs win.

9:00 AM

Blogger Sydney said...

I think they've both found the ice cream machine and the art auctions and have settled in for a good time!

9:57 PM


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