Monday, March 06, 2006

Act fast people.

I'm sitting at the SLC Library working on an ad campaign. Just moments ago, two strange gentlemen decided to take an uncomfortably close seat directly across the table from me. I can readily smell one's cologne and the other's breath. Hard to say which is more painful.

As I post this blog, the two keep exchanging Spanish catch-phrases while flashing intense glances my way. They have with them many books concerning the mysterious nature of UFOs.

I just wanted to make sure I posted this blog, as it very well may be the last thing I do. Consider this evidence to my impending disappearance and/or probing.

In case I never told any of you, I love you dearly.


Anonymous elizabeth said...

uhhh, we're all anxiously awaiting some sign of life...


3:46 PM

Anonymous jenn said...

whew. glad you made it back to the office safely. wait...are you walking funny?

3:54 PM

Anonymous JC said...

If you can recall any of the spanish molestation they threw your way, I'll translate.

6:21 PM

Blogger more caffeine, please said...

It's all those online games of "Doom" you've been playing...

7:32 PM

Blogger :: STEVE :: said...

Jamie. It's Call of Duty, not Doom. It's totally different. And totally more manly. Sheesh.

7:44 PM

Anonymous TMMC said...

Do me a favor, Steve...don't raise the flag on your neighbors mailbox tomorrow at 4:51pm. If you do, you may find yourself the unfortunate subject of an anal probe. I can't tell you how I know, but I can tell you this....MR. CROW HAS NO ARMS.....I'm sorry, but I risk us both if I say more.

11:13 PM

Blogger ~j. said...

Did you come up with the Life Elevated thing?

1:19 PM

Anonymous JC said...

Did you check to see if either of the two HOMBRES was the other Steve from further down in your blog?

3:07 PM

Blogger :: STEVE :: said...

Jenny. No, I didn't. I'm not a fan of the slogan either. Oh well.

1:54 PM

Blogger Steve said...

More manly than Doom? You best not be talking about Doom III because that game will force the biggest of manly men to poop in his breaches.

11:32 AM


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