Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's advertising show and tell time again.

Here is an ad I just finished for the Utah Youth Rugby Association.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When others will not share a moment with a very thickset Samoan man, I will.

For all you Utahans, tune in to Fox 13 tomorrow morning.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Speaking of running.

Here is a spot I recently finished for the Salt Lake Running Company. Please note the fabulous cameos by our very own Jaimerly James and Spennywhistle.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What in the world have I done?

The following image is a print advertisement I created nearly seven years ago for the Xircom PDA. At the time, it was the smallest PDA on the market. They wanted a campaign to demonstrate its size and portability. This was one of five ads that attempted to demonstrate just that.

But why I am I showing this to you now? Seven years later?

Read on.

As some of you know, my much better half has a strong interest in running. She's been a contestant in more than a handful of races in the region. Not long ago, she was told by a doctor that she'd have to give up running due to a problem in her back. While the devastation continued to set in, she found some comfort in swimming and biking. This lead her to sign up for the Spud Man Triathlon to be held this July.

ME: "But Hailey, what about the run? Are you sure you should do that? The doctor said no."

HAILEY: "I bet I can do it."

ME: "I think you should be careful."

HAILEY: "Well, it says here that I can have someone else do the run part for me."

*Awkward silence*

So here I am, about five months away from running the seven mile arm of the Spud Man Triathlon. Why is this an issue? Well, remember that ad at the beginning of this post? See that leg in the running shoe? Said leg is mine. And the last time I even pretended to run was then, seven years ago.

Heaven help me.

HAILEY: "So, it says here that we need to enter a name for our team, what should it be?"

ME: *Silently crying inside*

HAILEY: "How about, Takin' a Chance."

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

When it comes to taking a stand, one must ensure he/she is, in fact, standing in the right place.

The Depot is a popular music venue located in downtown Salt Lake City. As I was walking by the area yesterday I noticed a small protest taking place on the sidewalk out front. Apparently, said protestors were sickened with the way Office Depot was treating their employees. Unfortunately, they were standing in front of The Depot. Not Office Depot.

Bless their black and blue hearts.